Newborn Photographer – Brenda Kerns


Being a mom to my own three (now grown) children, I knew that the arrival of baby number 2 brought so many more challenges than I had expected. There are the obvious ones – keeping toddler busy/happy/fed/and cared for. Then adjusting your life and routine to include the very welcomed interruptions of a new baby.  And then there were the not-so-obvious challenges for me — how to find time to shower/feed/care for myself.  So when this mom messaged me to invite me to her home to photograph her newborn baby #2, I wondered how she could possibly be up for it 4 days after the arrival of Baby Kennedy.

This was all before I found out she and her husband had just sold and closed on a new home and were moving in one week!  Yikes!
While I was feeling stress on her behalf, not believing she had the emotional or physical strength to have me invade her space with my not-so-portable studio and helpers, she was clearly not at all concerned.  Rather, her smile was natural, her eyes lit up and I immediately sensed that even though baby Kennedy arrived nearly two weeks early, this mother and father and older brother were very well prepared for a new addition to the family.
After two hours in their home and backyard, we captured images of baby Kennedy, older brother Huck, and mom and dad too.   I hope they will all remember this hectic yet beautiful moment in their lives as we documented in photographs the arrival of the newest member of the Smith family.
Welcome baby Kennedy!

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