Birthday Photography by Brenda Kerns


It isn’t easy planning birthday parties.  Coordinating the decorations, cake, snacks and activities can be challenging!  Add to that a group of six 12 and 13-year old girls and you feel the stress.  Almost by accident I offered a birthday photoshoot idea to the best hairdresser in central Ohio, Stacie.  (Women will promise almost anything while sitting in their favorite salon being pampered)  With little planning time, I grabbed scarves, sunglasses, beach balls and silly string, crossed my fingers for the rain to hold off and took my “photo studio” to Stacie’s house to celebrate Cassidy’s birthday.  Of course the girls are at the perfect age for this.  All of them are experienced cell phone photographers and had oodles of practice taking selfies. The girls curled or straightened hair, changed clothes and put on make up, preparing for their time in front of the camera.  Each girl took turns posing and laughing for the camera and each other.  550 images later, it was a wrap!  After the primping and posing, they headed to dinner at a Dublin area restaurant.  I am confident that they will remember Cassidy’s 12th birthday party fondly. . . and they have lasting images to prove it!

Birthday Party Columbus, Ohio

Birthday Photography, Dublin, Ohio