There is an ever-growing group of women who meet every Wednesday night in Columbus, Ohio at a local restaurant during “happy hour”.  They call themselves Cabernet Coaches, and the purpose is to enjoy a white or red or blend, to connect with old and new friends, to share perspective and encouragement and advice in a world that moves much too quickly for some of us to take time to nurture our friendships.  

Started by Heather Dugan,  this female-based group will occassionally invite men to join them on a Friday night for a Co-ed Cabernet Coaches event.  This past Friday was one such event held at  The Pub at Polaris.   I was excited to have a reason to take my camera and capture the interactions between these “coaches” and the men who joined in as they celebrated friendships, old and new.  
Not a stranger in the group from what I could tell. . . a group that neared 70 people at one point and The Pub must have been thrilled to have their enclosed patio full of engaging individuals. Come and go as you please, no pressure to commit to attending any future event, but know that you are always welcome any Wednesday evening, these Cabernet Coaches are an inclusive group from beginning to end.
Thank you for asking me to photograph the Co-ed Cabernet Coaches!  


Cabernet Coaches The Pub at Polaris The Pub at Polaris