Sports photography by Brenda Kerns


Have I mentioned before that I love photographing soccer ?!   My interest in photography all began when I started taking pictures of my son’s Kilbourne High School soccer games.  It grew from my hobby, to my passion, to my profession.  So imagine my reaction when I got the call to start photographing the Crew for Columbus Wired !!   It was a bit of a rough start.  I thought that a late spring thunderstorm was going to nix my first chance to be on the field, photographing the game I love.  After players, fans and photographers alike were all hurried off the field before the game even began because of lightning, things got off to a rather slow start.  But, once the game began, out hometown Crew did not disappoint as they triumphed over Real Salt Lake 4-3.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and many more exciting Columbus Crew victories.  GO CREW!!!

 Memorial Day Crew sports photography

Columbus Wired

Caught My Eye Columbus sports photographer Columbus Ohio