Maternity Photo Session by Brenda Kerns

LESLIE & DEAN CELEBRATE with a Maternity Photo Session

I have to admit that when I was pregnant with all of my children, there was NO WAY you would get me in front of a camera for a photo session.  We didn’t even have newborn photos taken way back “in the dark ages.”  Lucky for me, moms-to-be are now super excited to document and celebrate their growing bellies and the impending birth of their babies.  As long as I am behind the camera, photographing expectant moms and families are a favorite type of photo session for me.

Often we first find out on social media that a friend or a friend of a friend is expecting a baby.  Most often I congratulate the couple and say nothing more, even though secretly I want to say “SCHEDULE YOUR MATERNITY PHOTO SESSION WITH ME!”  I was excited to hear from Leslie and Dean recently to schedule their session even without my prompting.  Thank you for that, Leslie!

Being the busy couple they are and with my sports photography and senior portrait schedule, it was not easy to find time.  I am reminded frequently though how important it is to document these moments, even briefly, because you just don’t get do-overs.

   We agreed to meet at Homestead Park in Hilliard early on a Saturday morning.  It is a park that is not too overwhelming to walk around and not overly crowded with photographers even on a weekend.  If Leslie was at all like I was when I was pregnant 18 years ago, I knew she wouldn’t want to walk too far and certainly didn’t want too many people in her way!

Thank you both for spending the time with me and my camera at such an important time in your lives.  Your easy-going, laid back approach to life will serve you well once your baby boy arrives!  And I know for you, Leslie, that can’t happen soon enough!

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