Newborn photography by Brenda Kerns

Welcome Baby Lucy


I don’t like to sweat.  It’s probably one of the reasons I don’t like to exercise.  So it surprises me each time I get excited and begin preparations for a newborn baby shoot – I turn off the air conditioning and open the windows in this 85 degree heat and let my in-home studio heat up. . . and then I turn on a space heater!  All of this to insure my “client”, a newborn baby, is perfectly comfortable.

It doesn’t take long for the sweat to start dripping, as it did last week with my session with 8-day old baby Lucy.  Yes it was 85 degrees outside AND inside as Brooke and Justin brought Lucy to my home for her session.
And the fun began!  In between mopping my forehead and nuzzling little Lucy, we were able to capture some images of her that make me smile.  While Lucy refused to sleep the first hour or so of our time together, she finally drifted off and allowed us to move her around just a bit for some sleepy faced images.  Of course, some of my favorite images are always of a newborn baby doing what newborns do. . . fuss, cry, stretch and wiggle.
Enjoy this very special time, Brooke and Luke!  Two blinks and you will wonder where the time went!


Goodnight baby Lucy Newborn photographer Lucy Luke Newborn Photography