What an exciting game to watch unfold at the Wolves Den last night!  The 18th seeded Worthington Kilbourne Girls Basketball team hosted 21st seeded Gahanna Lincoln Lions in the district tournament second round.

Having just a  very simple understanding of basketball (the team who successfully makes more swoosh sounds wins the game), I always watch the coaches on the sideline for signs of panic or lack of control.  And while multiple checks of the scoreboard had me doubting the Wolves victory several times during the game,  Coach Jim Strode did not lose his composure.   In fact, was that a smile I detected while he was talking strategy with the assistant coaches?  I think it was.  Both the coaches and the players seemed to have it all under control.
And that is the reason that I have enjoyed watching this team so much over the past few seasons.  That the W/L record does not seem to impact the joy the coaches have in working with these girls.  While it is always more fun walking to the locker room with a victory, the coaches continue to praise and thank the girls for their  –  all out efforts –  on the court.
And for the first time in the program history, WKHS girls basketball will advance to the district semifinal next week.  Let’s go wolves!
DSC_1981 district second round Worthington Kilbourne Kilbourne girls basketball