Pet Photographer – Brenda Kerns


Not sure there is a more UNpredictable photo session than that of a family pet… which may be in part what appeals to me.  No two pet-centered photography sessions are alike!  Never mind there are a bajillion different sizes, shapes, breeds, colors, mixes of cats, dogs, and unusual family pets, but their moods, personalities and “attitude”  widely vary.  Add a new human and camera into the mix and you can have magical chaos!

Such was my time with Ariel’s new puppy, London.  A rescue puppy, thought to be a border collie / pug mix. London just arrived at Ariel’s home on Monday.  Giving her only two days to settle in and here I come with my Nikon and a bag of lenses.
As puppies will be puppies, there is never an expectation that the puppy will behave in a specific manner, so I was surprised at how well-mannered London was !
If my goal was to wear her out, I succeeded. . . and we were able to create some peaceful images of London that I am sure Ariel will have printed and framed in her home.  And of course we caught some “attitude” photos as well. . . and as London continues to grow into her own, I hope Ariel will ask me back to capture her older awesomeness!
Enjoy your nap time, Ariel and London!
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