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SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY – Windy senior shoot in the arena district

I keep expecting that one day I won’t be nervous before a photo shoot.  After all, I have photographed hundreds of people over the years – sporting events, celebrations, engagements and weddings, senior portraits and family portraits, pets and newborns. . . but, it never fails, the night before a photo shoot, the morning of the session, the drive to the session . . . I get nervous.   Nervous that I won’t be able to catch the look that I want, nervous that I won’t be able to connect well enough with my subject to make him or her relax, nervous that the client won’t be happy with the images I have captured.  
And then I think of my client and the nerves he must be feeling.  Most high school boys have not spent too much time in front of a camera.   I have scheduled a Worthington Kilbourne High School  2016 graduating senior for this afternoon. Clark Moats is a skilled soccer player I have photographed on the field for 4 seasons.  Love the images I have of him on the field – the focus and energy you can see on his face as he competes in a sport he clearly has a passion for.  And a busy kid!  Continuing to keep a full class schedule ( no early release for him! ), playing in an indoor soccer league and studying classical music.  Now here’s a well-rounded young man.  What a joy it was spending time with him for the afternoon walking around the Columbus arena district.
And it is a  beautiful February Sunday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio – that state that can experience spring and winter in the same weekend – turns out to be just gorgeous and 60 degrees and windy. But for a guy to have a photo session during a wind advisory probably isn’t a problem, right?  That’s my thought.   
And we worked hard.  The wind was not our friend.  Blowing my stool across the pavement, making it nearly impossible to use a reflector to prevent the harsh shadows, and wind speeds that made it difficult to keep your eyes open let alone manage stray hairs. 
With all of that working against us, I hope that you are happy with the images we captured and enjoyed our time in the arena district this weekend.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your senior year!
Arena District  Arena District
Senior Photographer   Columbus Arena District