Senior Portrait by Brenda Kerns

SENIOR PORTRAIT – Kirsten Lawwell

I was excited to have my first class of 2017 senior shoot so early in the “senior photo” season! After having to reschedule our session due to typical moody Ohio weather, we finally had a breezy, sunny afternoon in downtown Columbus on the day of our first photography session. Kirsten, who will be officially a senior this week, will be graduating from Thomas Worthington High School in 2017.  Ironically, I graduated from the same high school many many years ago.  It seems that a LOT has changed for high schoolers since I attended TWHS.
The first thing I noticed about Kirsten is her beautiful, natural smile, followed by her absolutely perfect eyebrows!  (Even a passer-by complimented Kirsten about her perfectly shaped brows during our photo session)   Kirsten is clearly comfortable in front of the camera and I enjoyed her ability to see opportunities around us for unique settings and “backdrops” for her photos.
Outgoing and easy to spend time with, clearly a dedicated music fan — evidenced by her turning her head every time a car drove past with loud music playing — I sense that Kirsten will succeed in her final year of high school and beyond if for no other reason than that she is someone who makes the best of each situation.  Thank you, Kirsten, for bringing me your best on Sunday!
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