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Surprise family portrait for mom at Christmas

It is always an honor to be asked as a photographer in Columbus, to photograph a friend’s family, no matter what the occasion.  It is nerve wracking though when that friend is a photographer and her husband wants to surprise her with photographs of their teenage children for a Christmas gift.  

With Ohio weather as unpredictable as it is, especially this winter, and with the short time frame to take the images, edit and get them printed, we had no choice but to photograph them in the studio set up in my home.  

All of the “kids” were great; natural smiles, photogenic and certainly accustomed to being in front of the camera, so that part was simple.  We were able to capture nearly 50 images in 15 minutes at my house.  A quick upload to the computer with simple edits and the images were on their way to the husband for review.  And then I got nervous.  Not just because of the friendship, but because she is a photographer and certainly every photographer has their own style and way of editing that they prefer.  I compare it to preparing dinner for a chef.  A nail biter for sure!

Christmas morning. . . finally the text arrived.  “OMG I love love love the pictures!”   Relief. . . and friendship remains intact.   Thank you for trusting me, Matt, to capture images that you were proud to give as a gift to your wife.  And thank you, Josh, Alex and Jessie, for accommodating the last minute photo shoot to accomplish the task.  I hope it is a gift that your mother will enjoy for many years to come!