Engagement Photography Session with Carrissa & Chase



What a fun-filled afternoon we had on a steamy Sunday in August for this darling couple’s engagement photography session.  I was fortunate enough to be on hand the moment that Chase first asked lovely Carrissa to marry him last December at  the Columbus Zoo.  THAT was a very cold, dark December night, but what a joy it was to witness that excitement!  Since I already had a good idea of their combined energy and enthusiasm, I knew that I was going to have fun working with this couple again for their engagement photo session.

We chose to photograph at the Jeffrey Park and Mansion located in the City of Bexley.  I had not photographed there before and other photographers had raved about the unique stone structures and beautiful facade of the old mansion.  I knew this young couple would take on the challenge of exploring the park with me. The park did not disappoint us. There are gorgeous tiered gardens with hidden stone staircases, tunnels, and hedges.  All of these make perfect, natural photography backdrops.

Through the bright, blinding sun, the ensuing sweat and my seemingly endless request for them to “get closer” and “keep kissing,” these two happily complied, smiled and accommodated me.  I enjoyed the energy I found photographing in a new environment and the positive energy that Carrissa and Chase gave me just by being themselves. As I typically do, I left our session feeling grateful to have spent some time in the sun, smiling and looking at love through my camera lenses.  In addition, on this August afternoon I thought how often you “get what you give” and perhaps Henry David Thoreau was correct:   “There is no remedy for love but to love more.”

Keep on loving each other, Carrissa & Chase!  The more you love the more love you get in return!

Engagement Photography Session Jeffrey Mansion Engagement Photography Engagement Photography Session Jeffrey Park

Jeffrey Mansion Photography Session Jeffrey Park Engagement Photography