My love of photography started when I was strictly photographing sports.  What I love about sports is the authentic moments I see through my lens.  The faces of determination, of competition, victory and loss, pain and joy.  There are so many emotions played out in any sports arena.  Those are the same moments I am thrilled to capture in every other photo session I complete.  Whether it is an engagement session or wedding, a high school senior shoot, or a newborn / family photo session, my joy is in capturing my clients being who they are. . . doing what they do.  That is what I love about lifestyle family photo sessions.

Lifestyle Family Photo Session

I was thrilled when Chris and Johanna recently asked me to photograph their growing family.  I photographed their engagement session several years ago which included Johanna’s son, Charlie, and photographed their son, JJ, when he was born two years ago.  Fast forward to the birth of Cade last month and now there are three boys in this fabulous family!  And what an energetic group they are!  The beauty of a lifestyle family photo session is that they are easy for you.  The hardest part is perhaps cleaning or decluttering one or two rooms of your choice.  The rest is left up to me to follow your family from room to room and capture moments of interaction.  Moments that make you smile. Moments that make you laugh.  And moments that you will remember forever because they were captured authentically.  That is what I love about lifestyle photography!

Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Remembering my family when my children were toddlers, I cannot imagine inviting a photographer into my home.  I barely had enough energy to shower and apply my make up, let alone clean up a room to be photo-ready.  Now that my children are college-age and older, I yearn for images of them in those younger years, wide-eyed with excitement over the simplest of things.  Wide-eyed with frustration over the simplest of things.  And wide-eyed with love for their siblings.  Those are moments that are only captured in a lifestyle photo session.  When you allow your children to be who they are while a camera is watching. . . moments in time memorialized in a portrait that you can revisit anytime you need that reminder.

Mom and boys Dublin Ohio