First Male Senior Portrait Class of 2018

I was so excited to have my first male senior portrait session from the graduating class of 2018!  This high school senior, Alex (aka Fletch) attends Thomas Worthington High School, my Alma mater. “Go Cards”.  His astute mother scheduled his senior pictures session for mid-July, before football takes over his life and my calendar fills up with seniors in August and September.  I chose to photograph Fletch in an area known as “The Flats” near the high school.  Even 30-some years ago when I attended high school, this was a popular place to walk and enjoy paths along the Olentangy river bike trail.  I enjoyed getting to know more about Fletch as we walked these nicely paved bike paths looking for spots to snap a photo. While the trails in this area are typically heavily traveled, this session was on a humid Friday morning after a brief rainstorm, providing us with plenty of access to the trails and a beautiful backdrop for his photos.

I can see what his football coaches must love about this young man.  He is attentive, has an easygoing attitude and smile, and responds very well to direction.  Oftentimes, before I finished providing posing suggestions, Fletch was already moving into a new position for our next frame.  Thank you, Fletch, for spending time with me on the bike trails for your senior portrait last week.  You can check this important senior year “to do” item off of your list.  Good luck to you and the Thomas Worthington Cardinals football team this season.

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